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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"F*ck" - I'm sorry... what?! (a one time only Dunkin' Donuts fail)

This one was simply too good not to post. Although this is not a Starbucks fail, it is a pretty amazing Dunkin' Donuts fail. The individual's real name? It's Rich. And here is what he has to say about this fail:

"Dunkin's is not only serving donuts & coffee...they are predicting with great accuracy and also writing on the coffee cups what you're going to say when you realize they didn't give you what you ordered!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Lola" - my friend, Laura's recent Starbucks fail

"Jayme" - another Starbucks fail for Jamie... I never realized the name Jamie is so difficult to spell.

"Joel" - my friend, Jon's recent Starbucks fail

"Jaime" - my friend, Jamie's recent Starbucks fail (close, but...)

"German" - my friend, Jermaine's recent Starbucks fail

"Root" - my friend, Ruth's recent Starbucks fail

"Laura" - my sister, Lauren's recent Starbucks fail

"Beth"... it's a pretty name, but it isn't mine!


"Kim"... but my name is Steph...